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SCOP++ is designed for efficient handling of DTM projects of any size, with data coming from LIDAR, photogrammetry or any other source. SCOP++ provides unsurpassed quality of DTM interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization. SCOP++ is well-proven DTM software for most demanding terrain modeling projects.

All modules of SCOP++ are made for processing many millions of DTM points. With its integrated database system SCOP++ is especially well-suited for very large DTM projects, up to nation-wide DTMs.

works with a very efficient hybrid DTM data structure and flexible, advanced interpolation methods. This guarantees for rigorous consideration of break lines and qualified data filtering.
 SCOP++ BrochureA complete solution for powerful filtering, classification, quality control and editing of LIDAR datais offered with LIDAR Box, consisting of SCOP++ Kernel, SCOP++LIDAR and inpho's DTM editing station DTMaster.
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