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Uasmaster is the right tool for complete processing of data acquired with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UASMaster combines ease of use with the full power of a photogrammetric workstation.

The software bridges the gap between simple near black-box workflows for non-photogrammetrists and photogrammetry expert workflows. UASMaster includes advanced technology that has been customized to provide high quality results from the special characteristics of UAS data. It easily integrates into the inpho world of photogrammetry and 3rd party workflows.

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Simple photogrammetric workflows

Intuitive guided workflow concept for the photogrammetric novice which perfectly integrates into any photogrammetric workflow.

UASMaster combines georeferencing, calibration, point cloud generation and orthomosaicking – along with interactive editing, refinement and basic CAD tools in one single product. A “Quick-Mode” for fast one-stop processing is available as well as a more flexible step-by-step approach.

The software is fully compatible with other Inpho modules for even more advanced processing options. UASMaster provides all necessary tools to successfully process even challenging projects with a reliable proof of accuracy. Thorough analysis capability, numerical as well as graphical, give users full control over project specs and requirements. 

Process data from any type of UAS

With its open market concept UASMaster is able to process data from almost every hardware vendor for UAS. It works with acquired data from fixed-wing vehicles as well as with helicopter-type machines.

The software proved successful processing even with survey-balloons and other types of unmanned aircraft systems.

Create dense RGB-Colored Point Clouds

Automatically create colored point clouds (DSM or DTM) from UAS acquired images, Based on 25 years of technology evolution, with  state-of-the-art Inpho dense matching and DTM generation software (MATCH-T DSM).

Select from different modes to gain control over processing speed versus details. Directly generate point clouds, rasterized DSM or DTM depending on the desired deliverable. The generated elevation model is internally refined using sophisticated interpolation routines, noise filtering, edge modeling and outlier detection to achieve completeness with rich detail. A DSM created with UASMaster is perfectly suited for additional filtering and classification e.g. to generate bare earth DTM.

In addition, UASMaster users benefit from a variety of terrain editing tools known from DTMaster stereo. Interactive, semi-automatic and full automatic editing, classification and filtering in a multi-layer CAD-like environment tunes and re-fines deliverables to maximum precision. E.g. use the powerful line-work engine in order to model morphology for high-quality orthos or export digitized features into CAD formats.

Reliable and Precise Georeferencing and Calibration

Based on Inpho’s tradition and experience in automatic aerial triangulation and camera calibration and adopted to the special characteristics of UAS data, UASMaster is able to process challenging projects easily.

Optionally to full automatic processing, interactive tools provide necessary functionality and flexibility in order to complete every project successfully. Very strong graphical analysis views provide excellent proof of precision.

Create Digital Orthophotomosaics

Automatically create ortho-rectified, georeferenced mosaics from UAS-acquired imagery. For highest geometric accuracy opt for “True-Ortho” rectification mode or for perfectly straight building edges without artefacts select “Classic-Ortho” rectification mode.

UASMaster benefits from outstanding well-known Trimble-specific full automatic OrthoVista processing techniques such as feature-based seamline-finding and perfect radiometric balancing of image groups and single image corrections.

Images are adaptively blended along seams according to image texture analysis. The automatic process only takes about 4 sec. per image.

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