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DTMaster provides up-to-date technology for fast and precise DTM editing. DTMaster is offered as a monoscopic DTM data editor (DTMaster), or as a photogrammetric DTM editing station (DTMaster Stereo). DTMaster is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

DTMaster - a powerful editing station for efficient quality control of DTM / LIDAR data in stereo and mono.

DTMaster offers optimized technology for efficient checking, editing and classification of DTM projects to the upper limit. Up to 50 million points can easily be handled. It allows to underlay DTM data with thousands of orthophotos or complete blocks of stereoscopic aerial photographs. DTMaster supports DTM quality control by providing highly efficient data visualization and checking tools.
DTMaster is available stand-alone, or as part of complete solutions for DTM generation by photogrammetry or LIDAR:
 DT Master BrochureDTM Box combines DTMaster Stereo with MATCH-T, inpho's product for
automatic DTM generation from aerial or satellite imagery. LIDAR Box
combines DTMaster with SCOP++ Kernel and SCOP++ LIDAR, inpho's
products for advanced DTM processing and robust filtering of LIDAR data.
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