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Automatically create colored point clouds (DSM or DTM) from UAS acquired images, Based on 25 years of technology evolution, with  state-of-the-art Inpho dense matching and DTM generation software (MATCH-T DSM).

Select from different modes to gain control over processing speed versus details. Directly generate point clouds, rasterized DSM or DTM depending on the desired deliverable. The generated elevation model is internally refined using sophisticated interpolation routines, noise filtering, edge modeling and outlier detection to achieve completeness with rich detail. A DSM created with UASMaster is perfectly suited for additional filtering and classification e.g. to generate bare earth DTM.

In addition, UASMaster users benefit from a variety of terrain editing tools known from DTMaster stereo. Interactive, semi-automatic and full automatic editing, classification and filtering in a multi-layer CAD-like environment tunes and re-fines deliverables to maximum precision. E.g. use the powerful line-work engine in order to model morphology for high-quality orthos or export digitized features into CAD formats.

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