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Hyperspectral Imaging in Geology
The foremost airborne application of hyperspectral imagery provides mineral mapping for exploration clients in the mining, oil, gas and geothermal sectors, over large and often remote and inaccessible areas. Furthermore, detailed and comprehensive mineral maps of the drill core samples provides an in depth understanding of the entire ore body. SPECIM customers have reported achieving savings worth hundreds of millions of dollars by using HSI technology.
Hyperspectral mineral mapping - how does it work
Geological samples, such as drill cores, can rapidly be mapped for nearly all minerals of commercial interest with hyperspectral imaging. SPECIM’s sisuROCK generates an image where each pixel contains a full spectrum, unique to each mineral of interest. High speed, automated computer algorithms identify the minerals and convert the data into mineral maps of the samples depictured.
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Our customers have achieved savings of hundreds of millions of dollars by using SisuROCK, a fully automated drill core and geological sample analysis station.
Outdoor scanners (coming soon)

In open pit mines different outdoor scanner solutions provide an easy method to collect the data from mine faces. This mapping provides mineralogical mapping over large surfaces and steers the excavation process.

The sisuCHEMA is charecterised by speed, simplicity and superior performance. It's an ideal tool for thin sections, concentrates and general analysis of small samples when high spatial accuracy is required.
Single Core Scanner

SCS is developed for high resolution measurements of drill core type samples like lake sediment cores or oil sands. This unit is ideal when annual core production is lower than in traditional mining and exploration.

Specim offers advanced hyperspectral systems for airborne geological mapping. These systems include ruggedised state-of-the-art imagers, precise GPS/IMU sensors, and high speed georectification software.
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